Surname Trees for the Holidays

21 December 2014, Chriss Coleman

Over on Randy Seaver’s blog he does a weekly event entitled Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, which of course I get on Sunday morning due to the time difference.

This week’s task was to create a Surname Christmas tree. As I’ve been short on time to write a proper blog post (though I have several in the works) due to the need to bake christmas cookies and spend time with young and excited children who keep poking at the wrapped gifts under the tree, I decided this would be a great little task to do.

I used a photo editing software, in my case Pixelmator, and created my tree using the text function. After I added in a few royalty-free clipart files I found online. The task was quite quick, and I managed to do a tree for both myself and my husband in under an hour.

Some caption text
The Fort family tree, or my side of the family.

Some caption text
The Walsh-O'Hara family tree, or my husband’s side of the family (biological family surnames only).

Thanks for the fun task Randy, now I’m off to bake Brunkager and eat some Pebernødder.