About Me

Hello, I am Chriss and I’m a hobbyist family historian living in Denmark with my husband and two children. I got into genealogy as I love photos and stories. I have actively curated the photos and stories of my own family for many years, however I yearned to know more about those before us.

I had a half dozen scans of old family photos of my husband’s side of the family and wanted to know more about the people they represented. The names and dates and photos were not enough. I wanted to know about these people. Where were they born? What did they do? How did they meet?

I’ve found many of the answers to these queries through genealogical research, family interviews, and scouring the basements, attics, and long forgotten old trunks of our relations. I’ve also found more family than I really ever imagined. Those branches add up quickly.

The majority of my research is in Canada, England, and Ireland, though we do have a few strays from elsewhere in the world. As a result, most of my research has been done online. The advent of digital records has really help our journey, though we hope that we are able to visit some of those ancestral homelands in the future.

This blog is designed to detail my research finds, stumbling blocks, photo archives, and stories of those of generations past. It will help keep our immediate families up to date on our research progress and hopefully reach out to family we didn’t even know we had.

If you think we might be related, please contact me.